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Funeral Home and Bereavement Services in Bethpage, New York

Honor Your Loved Ones

Arthur F White Funeral Home understands that losing a loved one can be very difficult to handle. That is why our staff is here to aid and assist you with funeral planning and preplanning services to honor your loved ones. 

Whether you need help with picking out a casket or floral arrangements, our funeral home has the experience and expertise to ensure your loved one's wishes are met. We even provide international and domestic shipping services to get him or her back home safely.

Casket, Bereavement Services in Bethpage, NY

Contact us in Bethpage, New York, to learn more about our bereavement services.


About Us

Arthur F White Funeral Home is a family owned and operated business in Bethpage, New York, providing bereavement services after the death of a loved one. With two locations to serve you, we can also help you preplan funeral arrangements and provide shipping services to deliver deceased bodies overseas and within the United States. 

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